Party★★★ against the typhoon.


Hello! A typhoon is approaching, but they had a party on the rooftop at Kita-Shirakawa House the other day! As expected, I think everyone will be quiet on the day of the typhoon, lol! We've h

Cleaning up together♪


At 8NEST share house, all residents are responsible for cleaning!, and everyone cleans together! When I went to the share house today, I found two housemates cleaning together with a new resident.

Kamo River, a chill spot in Kyoto


Hello! I'm MINA from 8NEST Sharehouse! On my days off, I often go to the Kamogawa River in the center of Kyoto to have a drink with friends and read a book. Kyoto people call this "Kamochiru (to

Takoyaki and fireworks party!


In September, there are many encounters and partings. One of the residents of Jingu-Marutamachi House left us, so we had a farewell party with takoyaki party. Jingu-Marutamachi House has two flo

Soumen party!


Today is Tanabata! Do you know what Tanabata is? Tanabata is a day for starcrossed lovers to reunite and for us to make a wish. What do you wish for? My wish is "I want to travel abroad as so

Games with everyone in the House on rainy days ♪


Hello! I happened to visit Jingu Marutamachi House today for something else, and everyone was getting along and playing Smash Bros. on the Switch! They bought it recently, which makes the party

Work from home in a shared house with coworking space♪


Hello! How are you doing? Starting in June, immigration restrictions have been eased a bit, the maximum number of people entering the country has been doubled, and we are getting more and more inqu

Welcome party★


Hello, How is your week going?   We had a Welcome party with our residents of all houses. The place was Kyoto Jingu Marutamachi House , which has a coworking space, and all the residents

Close to Saga Bijutsu Daigaku and Saga Bijutsu Junior college in Arashiyama, Kyoto, with access to JR, Keifuku, and Hankyu lines.


8Nest Saga Arashiyama is a fully renovated international exchange share house in the Arashiyama area of Kyoto.     JR Saga Arashiyama Station (5 minutes walk), Keifuku Arashi

Close to Ritsumeikan University, Kita-ku, Kyoto, with good access to JR, Arashiyama Line, and city buses! Commuting to school from an international share house!


8Nest Daishogun is a share house located in Kita-ku, Kyoto City. The nearest stations are Kitano-Shirumecho Station on the Randen Line (6 minute walk) and Enmachi Station on the JR Sagano Line a

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