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8NEST is a Share house community where Japanese and people from all over the world live together.You’ll be able to find friends and your “family” in Japan by eating, going sightseeing together and so on.Even if you feel nervous living in an unfamiliar place in Japan, your housemates will help you getting used to the environment.Of course, our staffs at 8NEST will support you as well.The process is very easy, and you can make a contract even while you are in abroad.You can just come to Japan with your suitcase and start a new life here from the day you arrive since the house is fully furnished and has all the basics you need including the internet connection.If you are thinking “I want to learn Japanese culture by living with local people!”, “I want to make friends with people from all over the world!”, or “I want to have an opportunity to talk in Japanese other than school!”, you should be able to do all of them here at “8NEST”.

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