Let’s use Eight Nest Share House as a rental office!


Hello, Eight Nest Share House is currently operating nine share houses in Kyoto City. But actually, you can also use it as a rental office! The best point 1 for rental office One of the best

A house in Kyoto city, but surrounded by nature, perfect for a “work vacation”.


Hello, this time I'd like to introduce you to Saga Arashiyama House, a house surrounded by nature in a calm environment even though it is located in Kyoto City. What kind of image do you get when you

Easy commute to the Shijo-Karasuma and Karasuma-Oike areas♪ A share house that can also accommodate teleworking.


This time, we'd like to introduce you to Eight Nest Shijo Karasuma. One of the features of this share house is its excellent access to the business districts of Shijo-Karasuma and Karasuma-Oike.

No matter which Eight Nest Share House you move into, you can use the work lounge at Shijo Karasuma House.


Here's a special offer for residents from Eight Nest Share House. Eight Nest Share House currently manages 11 share houses in Kyoto, but no matter which share house you live in, you'll have access to

Obon Holidays [August 14 to 16]


This is the information about our business during the Obon vacation. We will be closed from August 14th (Sat) to August 16th (Mon) for the vacation. Both the office and share house viewing will be c

jingu-marutamachi share house


Eight Nest Jingu-Marutamachi House just opened in June, and now we'd like to take a look at some of the details. First of all, the share house is located at the Aragamiguchi intersection, just a sh

Roommates Cheering for Their Home Countries in the Tokyo Olympics


The Tokyo Olympics have started, and we're hearing about the exciting games every day. At Eight Nest Share House, residents from various countries are cheering on their home countries as they watch

Surrounded by world heritage sites, this share house is quiet and full of history.


Kodaiji is a share house located just a few steps away from Kodaiji Temple. With Kiyomizu-dera close by, this is truly a share house in an area surrounded by world heritage sites, and it's also a h

8NEST Saga Arashiyama Summary Article


8Nest Saga Arashiyama is a share house located a 7 minute walk from JR Saga Arashiyama Station.   For more information about the house, click here  https://8-nest.com/archives/7602 &

8NEST Hyakumanben Summary Article


Detailed article on the property (Information on the shared space) https://8-nest.com/archives/7877   Convenient location (access to facilities in the area) https://8-nest.com/archive

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