• Mr.Pieters (20's France)

  • 8NEST is such a cool place!


  • Why did you come to Japan?

  • I used to be a teacher at an elementary school, but changed a job and became a French language teacher. I met some Japanese students there and made me want to teach French in Japan. That is why I came to Japan.

  • How do you like teaching in Japan?

  • I feel very welcomed. Students seem to be happy learning French. The first time I came to Japan was 5 years ago, but I am happy to be back to Japan. This country and people are very nice.

  • What kind of students do you have?

  • Most of my students are from 50s to 60s. I teach near Kyoto University, so I also teach university students as well. Sometimes, housewives and children come to take my lessons. I also teach French to four students at NHK in Kobe once every other week.

  • What is the difference between teaching in Japan and France?

  • Japanese people have respects to teachers. They listen to me very well. However, I wish they could be a little bit more active when we have some activities.

  • You are not called “teacher” in France?

  • I am called by my name or “Mr.” in France.

  • Do you have any favorite place near your house?

  • My favorite place is a temple where I can see many fish and turtles. I have climbed mountains since I like mountains as well.

  • What was your image of Japan before you moved to Japan?

  • My image of Japan was very futuristic, cold, having many touristy places yet rich in nature.

  • Did your image change?

  • As for people in Kyoto, I realized they are a little bit colder than people in Tokyo, but my image didn’t change.

  • What were you surprised at?(What are the differences between Japan and your country?)

  • I love Japanese culture. There are many seasonal events in Japan, and there are many opportunities I can participate in those events.

  • What are the differences between Japan and Europe?

  • Everything such as architectures, manners, and food! But I like them very much.

  • What are the reasons why you chose 8NEST?

  • Because the location is very convenient. It is only 20 minutes by bike from my work. There are great natures around, and there is a balcony in the house. The rent is very reasonable and I am very satisfied with it.

  • Please give a message for those who are considering renting at 8NEST.

  • 8NEST is a very cool place! There are so many places to see and hang out around the house. People I live with are all nice people too.

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