• Ms.Ting (20's Taiwan)

  • It is the best place for living in comfort!


  • Why did you come to Japan?

  • I used to live in Sapporo, and I loved it.I went back to Taiwan once, but I came back to prepare for opening a guest house in Sapporo.I am currently working at places like a hostel in Kyoto, and getting experiences for opening a guest house in the future.

  • You work at a Kimono rental shop as well. What made you think to work at a Kimono rental shop?

  • I thought I can experience Japanese culture by working at a place with Kimono and Yukata. I haven’t been able to put a Kimono on, but I hope I can put on a Kimono one day after studying how. I am currently working as a receptionist, and it is very fun to welcome people from all over the world and communicate with them.

  • What was your image of Japan? Did your image of Japan change after arriving?

  • My image of Japan was that people in Japan are kind and strict. What I mean by kind is that they are very thoughtful towards other people, and what I mean by strict is that they are very rule-oriented. They are just as I imagined.Also, what I found out after arriving is that Japanese people are very well prepared so that they can avoid troubles. I am very impressed and this is a great thing.

  • Please tell us what you like about your house.

  • I like that the house is equipped with all I need. Especially there are many kitchen utensils so it is very convenient. There are tools such as Takoyaki maker which can be shared and used by many people.

  • Please give a message for those who are considering renting at 8NEST.

  • It is very convenient since there are all home electric appliances you would need. This house is for five people, and I think the number of people fits very well in this house.

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