• Mr.Choi (20's Korea)

  • Sharing a part of my everyday life is fun and great!

    LIST:Kyoto Taishogun

  • Why did you come to Japan?

  • I am thinking about applying for a university in Japan, but I just wanted to enjoy Japan before going to a university. The reason why I came to Kyoto is because I wanted to live in a city which foreigners think has the most Japan-like atmosphere.

  • What kind of lifestyle do you have? Please tell us your everyday life.

  • I like going to a bookstore and a cafe to observe people. The atmospheres in South Korea and Japan are totally different so I never get tired of it.I also go out with my share house mates. I went to a temple nearby my house. I also went to Kinkakuji temple which is located near my house.I went to International Manga museum as well.

  • What is your best memory of your stay?

  • It is Gion Festival. I knew about this festival through movies and animes before I came to Japan, but I was so happy to actually see the festival. Also, I was surprised at how many people there are at the festival.Comparing to the festivals in South Korea, the scale of the festival is bigger and it was new to me to see many people actively participated in the festival.

  • What was your image of Japan? Did your image of Japan change after arriving?

  • I thought Japanese people sometimes hide their true feeling and say what they are supposed to say. However, I learned that it is because they care for other people. I was able to understand why Japanese people are rule-oriented and this is why Japan has advanced.

  • What are the things you were surprised at?

  • The thing I was surprised at in Kyoto is their Kansai dialect. I have studied Japanese very hard, but I hadnt studied Kansai dialect, so I couldnt understand first.I cannot speak it, but I can listen to it now.Also, there are vending machines everywhere. I didnt notice when I came to Japan for a trip, but once I live here, I realized that they are everywhere.

  • Please tell us what you like about your house.

  • Living room and rooftop. I like to have a relaxing time on a soda at night.

  • Please give a message for those who are considering renting at 8NEST.

  • There are a couple of share houses in Kyoto, and each of them has its own features so I am sure you can enjoy any share house you rent. It is a great environment for people who can enjoy sharing a part of your everyday life.

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