• Mr.Taninaka (20's Japan)

  • Not only having international interactions but also the facilities are well equipped!

    LIST:Kyoto Kawaramachi Gojo A

  • What are the reasons why you chose 8NEST?

  • I really like that 8NEST is actively renting the house for people from abroad. I also like the fact that I can enjoy living with people from abroad in a traditional Japanese house in a very Japan-like city, Kyoto.

  • How do you think about living with people from abroad?

  • I have been studying English and Chinese since I am a student. I can study these languages since people I live with are from English-spoken and Chinese-spoken countries. On the other hand, because I speak Japanese, they can learn Japanese as well. I feel like they are my share house mates as well as friends at a language school.

  • Do you have any favorite place near your house?

  • I often go to FabCafe close to my house on my day offs. I like coffee and enjoy planning my trips so this cafe is perfect for me since they sell coffee from South America and Africa. I also take a walk along Kamo river since it is closeby.

  • Please tell us what you like about your house.

  • I like that the outside of my house looks an old traditional Japanese house, but once you go in, it is renovated as a mixture of Japanese and Western styles.

  • Please give a message for those who are considering renting at 8NEST.

  • You can have international interactions. The facilities are well equipped as well. I am looking forward to meeting you if you decide to join our community!

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