• Ms.Vanessa (20's Finland)

  • The Perfect Share House for me!

    LIST:Kyoto University East

  • Why did you come to Japan?

  • I was studying all the time when I was in my home country. I wanted to take a break and have different kinds of experience for my life other than studying. I was thinking to take a vacation in a foreign country. I have been interested in Japanese culture, and I thought I can enjoy it, so I decided to come to Japan.

  • How is a school life in Japan? Did you make any friend?

  • I made three friends. They are from the United States and Mexico. They are so great and one of them even invited me to her wedding.

  • What is your best memory of your stay?

  • There are so many so it is hard to choose one. If I had to pick one, I would say when I went to Omi-Maiko beach in Shiga prefecture. I went there with most of my friends and enjoyed BBQ at the beach. Many people came and it was really fun.

  • What was your image of Japan? Did your image of Japan change after arriving?

  • My image of Japan was that Japanese people are very friendly, have great culture, and the climate is very comfortable to live. I knew it is a great country before I even come here, and it was exactly what I thought. I didn’t have even one thing that I was disappointed. All things I experienced here are very positive experiences. 

  • Please give a message for those who are considering renting at 8NEST.

  • The location of Ginkakuji House is perfect for me. It is a beautiful place, and you can use a bus as a transportation without any problem. I have experienced an earthquake, but there was no problem in the house. It is also very convenient that I can use Paypal for rent payment.

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