Overview Of The History Of 8 NEST

How to be a bridge between the property owners and people from all over the world?

Our company was founded to offer share houses and guest houses as a way to achieve goals of “Using the properties effectively” and “Helping people from abroad while making profits”.

  • Problems People From Abroad Face

    • Finding a joint guarantor (Credibility)

    • Purchasing furniture and equipments (You have to do all by yourself)

    • Cost and labor (It takes so much time for a short term of staying)

  • Problems The Property Owners Face

    • Having unsold vacant houses

    • Having vacant houses left unattended

    • Having Properties under tough locational conditions such as far from a station or located in a suburb

Our Important policy

What we cherish the most is to make a “Community”.

We ask you why you choose our ShareHouse during an interview. The first requirement we ask you is “To enjoy interacting with people from all over the world” or “To love having social interactions”. We kindly reject an application if you choose our ShareHouse just because of the financial reason.

It is very important for us to understand and choose residents depending on their objects since we cherish the international interactions between residents. We would like to avoid a situation where someone with different intentions can affect our community and social interactions.

  • For People From Abroad

    • You can encounter various perspectives of people from all over the world in a limited time, and enjoy a quality time.

    • You don’t have to worry about all the hassle of renting a house while enjoying studying abroad.

  • For Japanese People

    • You can interact with people from abroad in Japan.

    • You can study English while learning various cultures and diverse perspectives.

  • For Property Owners

    • By presenting a clear concept, you can attract more customers.

    • You can stabilize profitability by running share houses which can achieve the objects of the guests.

There are merits for each of us so that we can all achieve our goals.

Please feel free to contact us regarding details for the properties, questions, and showing.


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