Scheduled Vacancy Information


The typhoon passed through Kyoto and we had a very cool morning! Just before the typhoon hit, I happened to go to a 100 yen store and bumped into some residents of Jingu-marutamachi House, who were

Scheduled Vacancy Information


Hello! It's the season of typhoons! Enjoy your last summer vacation! -Availability schedule information- (This information is only the latest availability schedule. Please check our website f

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We update Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Youtube daily! We use videos and images to introduce the daily lives of our residents and each of our houses, about home parties, little scenes from our da

Scheduled Vacancy Information


It's almost September! Universities and Japanese language schools are about to start! I hope you all study hard for the summer vacation you had!   We will update the availability info

Scheduled Vacancy Information


It is the end of August and the season for cool nights is approaching. At Eighteenth Sharehouse, we have received many inquiries from international students who will be coming to Japan in September

Scheduled Vacancy Information


Hi! Konnichiwa! How are you doing? Vacation is over in Japan and summer is almost over. I saw the Gozan Bonfire yesterday! For past articles on the Gozan Bonfires, please click here.   W

Scheduled Vacancy Information


Obon holiday is coming soon in Japan. Do you know what Obon is? Usually held for four days in midle of Augsut, it is a customary event for ancestor memorial services. So we will be on summer vac

Scheduled Vacancy Information


Hello! August has been started and it's time to go to the beach! Let's all be careful of heat stroke!   We will update the availability information every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m., so if

Scheduled Vacancy Information


Hello! Kyoto is in the middle of summer, and the hot days are continuing... Please be careful of heat stroke! We are currently receiving a large number of inquiries on the 8nest homepage every day,

Gion Festival, one of the three major festivals in Japan


The summer-like temperatures have begun. Have you ever heard of the Gion Festival? It is a month-long festival held in Kyoto from July to July 31. The festival has been held on a smaller scal

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