Scheduled Vacancies


A Yogibo cushion sofa has been installed in ShijoKarasuma House! Please lie down and enjoy relaxing, chatting or reading 🎶   🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *This information is only f

Scheduled Vacancies


It's June and it's turning into summer! Continuing from last week, we had a tea party at Jingu Marutamachi House!   It's rainy season and there are many rainy days ☔ In this season,

Scheduled Vacancies


We have placed new cushions in the working space of Shijo-Karasuma House! You can now work, study, have meetings, etc. more comfortably 🎶     🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *T

Scheduled Vacancies


  We had a tea party with everyone at Kitashirakawa House★! We had a meeting about the House over delicious Japanese sweets and black bean tea. Everyone seemed to get along well with

Resident’s Interview ▏Yung san from Mexico★


Hello! This is Jenny from 8NEST Share house. I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Today, we want to share our interview with our resident at 8NEST JinguMarutamachi house, Yung san. We'll show y

Merry Christmas from 8NEST!❤


Merry Christmas everyone! I would like to share with you the 2022 8NEST Christmas party held at our Shijo-Karasuma house. Residents gathered from other houses such as Arashiyama House, Jingu-Mar

Christmas is coming soon…


Christmas is coming soon! 8NEST Share House will also have a Christmas party at Shijo-Karasuma House next week, although it will be a little early! This Christmas, we're having a hamburger party

Farewell party :(


We held a farewell party for those who are moving out of Kyoto Jingu-marutamachi House! We made a potluck party with everyone, including those on the 2nd floor and 5th floor, at the co-working spac

International Party at Shijo-Karasuma House ★


We held an international exchange party at Shijo-Karasuma House! Students from Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior College planned and managed the event together with us! The students are takin

Lovely daily conversation 


At 8NEST share house, we use LINE group chat to contact each house! At various houses, residents are talking to each other like this! How peaceful...!   Gathering together in the li

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