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  It is the season of graduation and lots of goodbyes. At Eighteenth Sharehouse, we have been having a lot of bye-bye parties! Japanese residents are going to Canada to study, and in

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8 Nest Sharehouse Graduation Project! Let's make Hana Sushi! This is a regular event at the 8NEST International Exchange Share House! This time, we will make cute Hana Sushi together. Hana-

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On 1/20, we held a card game tournament at Jingu Marutamachi House. We played various kinds of games with everyone working together! 8NEST holds events every month, so please join us for

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  How did everyone spend their New Year's? Everyone at 8 Nest Share House went to Mt. Daimonji to watch the sunset! Even those who just moved in last week seem to be having a great t

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It suddenly got cold in Kyoto! This week, we went on a ski trip to Gifu Prefecture with residents from Saga Arashiyama House, Shijo-Karasuma House, and Jingu-Marutamachi House! The good thin

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Yesterday we held a charity Christmas party at Shijo-Karasuma House! We collaborated with Kyoto Koka Women's University students who are taking English classes and facilitated the games. There w

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A Yogibo cushion sofa has been installed in ShijoKarasuma House! Please lie down and enjoy relaxing, chatting or reading 🎶   🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *This information is only f

Scheduled Vacancies


It's June and it's turning into summer! Continuing from last week, we had a tea party at Jingu Marutamachi House!   It's rainy season and there are many rainy days ☔ In this season,

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We have placed new cushions in the working space of Shijo-Karasuma House! You can now work, study, have meetings, etc. more comfortably 🎶     🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *T

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  We had a tea party with everyone at Kitashirakawa House★! We had a meeting about the House over delicious Japanese sweets and black bean tea. Everyone seemed to get along well with

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