New rooms at Taishogun House near Ritsumeikan University!


Two new private rooms have been added to the second floor of Daishogun Share House. On the second floor you'll find a bathroom, a toilet, a washing machine and a dryer, and it's a women-only floor.

Ginkakuji Temple, dyed in autumn colors with autumn leaves, How about a stroll from the share house just around the corner?^^【8NEST Ginkakuji】


The official name of Ginkakuji Temple is Higashiyama Jishoji Temple, and the origin of the name Ginkakuji Temple is said to have been named Ginkakuji Temple in the Edo period, in contrast to Kin

人気のシェアハウス「エイトネスト 百万遍」に空き部屋が出ました。


A vacancy is available at Eight Nest Hyakumanben, located next to Kyoto University. It is convenient to Kyoto University and only a few seconds walk to Kyoto University, so many undergraduate and g

Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto, a restaurant with a private room for the Goto Eat campaign!【8NEST Kodaiji】


This time, I introduce a gourmet meal that can be enjoyed in a private room in Corona. We're eligible for the Goto Eat campaign, so if you make a reservation through the booking site, you'll

Thoughts on easing immigration restrictions


With regard to the easing of restrictions on entry to Japan, the Japanese government has allowed foreign students and other people with medium- to long-term residency status to enter the country from

Tenmon-sai Festival at Daishogunhachi Shrine in Kyoto will be held in October! Share House in Kita-ku, Kyoto【8NEST Taishogun】


Tenmonsai Festival, an annual festival of Daishogun Hachi Shrine in Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, is held on the third Sunday in October every year in a grand manner. The excitement rises from the evening

It’s almost time to see the autumn leaves in Kyoto! Recommended spots around 8NEST Hyakumanben【8NEST Hyakumanben】


The best time to see the autumn leaves in Kyoto is from early November to early December. If you want to enjoy the autumn leaves in many places, it is better to visit Kyoto in late November.

Popular fall foliage spots in the Arashiyama area of Kyoto in autumn 2020! Share House in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto【8NEST Saga Arashiyama】


Kyoto Arashiyama is located a bit far from the center of Kyoto City, so the most beautiful autumn leaves are seen a bit later in the season. Arashiyama is dotted with many elegant temples and ot

Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Garden, a recommended strolling spot for autumn! Cosmos is in full bloom ^^Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City【8NEST Kitashirakawa】


Kyoto Botanical Garden is a historical botanical garden that opened in 1924 as Japan's first public comprehensive botanical garden. In addition to a rose garden and one of the largest viewing gr

RereJob posted on our website!


8NEST Share House was introduced to us by RareJob, a company famous for its online English lessons. As a service where you can take lessons without meeting people, you can learn English conversatio

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