Scheduled Vacancies


A new share house is scheduled to open near Jingu-marutamachi station!
The building is currently under construction, so we'll be releasing progress information in the future🎶
Please look forward to seeing what kind of house it will be😄


🆙Vacancy information for this week 🆙

-JinguMarutamach House room207(3/28~ vacant)
-Enmach House room403(3/28~ vacant)
-SagaArashiyama House room101(3/28~ vacant)
-Hyakumanben House room202(3/29~ vacant)
-KawaramachiGojo-B House room203(4/1~ vacant)
-Taishogun House room403(4/1~ vacant)
-JinguMarutamach House room503(4/5~ vacant)
-Hyakumanben House room302(4/20~ vacant)
-JinguMarutamach House room209(5/15~ vacant)


We will be updating new scheduled vacancies every Wednesday at 3:00 pm and Saturday at 3:00 pm! Please check back next time!

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