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8 Nest Sharehouse Graduation Project! Let's make Hana Sushi!

This is a regular event at the 8NEST International Exchange Share House!
This time, we will make cute Hana Sushi together.

Hana-zushi is sushi shaped like a flower, as shown in the picture. It may look difficult to make, but it is easy if you make it with others!

Date: 2024.03.09 Sat
Time: 18:00-21:00
Participation fee: ¥1000.
Place: 8NEST Shijo KarasumaHouse

⭐️ Click here to register (by this Thursday!)
8NEST Let's make flower sushi 花寿司を作ろう! (google.com)

If you are interested in international exchange or want to learn a language, please come and join us!

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