How about living in a cosmopolitan shared house in a historic and peaceful area of Kyoto!【8NEST Saga Arashiyama】

Kyoto's 『Arashiyama』 is a popular tourist destinationfor its beautiful autumn leaves.

In the Heian period (794-1192), Arashiyama was used as a vacation home

for the aristocracy and has attracted many people since long ago.

It has become a popular tourist attraction for its temples and shrines,

such as 「Tenryu-ji Temple」, 「Seiryo-ji Temple」, and 「Daigaku-ji Temple」,

which are designated as a World Cultural Heritage Site,

as well as for its trolley train and river cruising along the Hozu River.


We also have one of our recommended share houses, 8NEST Saga Arashiyama!

Opened in December 2018, fully renovated, fully equipped, and

There is a covered balcony terrace (BBQ allowed).

This is a share house for international exchange with all 10 private rooms^^



It takes about 10-20 minutes to visit the major tourist attractions

Arashiyama on foot.


■Arashiyama Shopping Street

This is a shopping street that stretches from 「Togetsu Bridge」

to 「Tenryuji Temple」and near the JR railroad tracks.

About 70 shops are lined up here, including Kyoto's souvenir shops, restaurants and cafes.

It is a shopping street overflowing with kindness and hospitality.


■「Togetsu Bridge」

This bridge spans the Katsura River and offers a spectacular view

of the changing colors of the leaves in autumn.

Every December, a "Flower Lantern Street" is held in the area

around Saga and Arashiyama, in which about 2,500 lanterns and flowers are displayed,

and Togetsu Bridge becomes one with the surrounding waterfront and is lit up fantastically.


■Paths in the Bamboo Grove

There is a 400m-long bamboo forest on the north side of 「Tenryuji Temple」

from 「Nomiya Shrine」,and it is one of the representative scenery of Kyoto

that often appears in TV dramas and commercials.

You can enjoy the contrast between the lush bamboos in summer,

and the changing colors of the leaves in autumn, and the fantastic lights in winter.


The area around the JR 『Saga Arashiyama Station』,

the closest station to 8NEST Saga Arashiyama

(5 minutes on foot, 20 minutes to Kyoto Station), is a tourist town,

but once you step away from the station,

you'll find yourself in a residential area that retains an old-fashioned atmosphere.

Surrounded by mountains on three sides,

the area is impressive for its quiet and peaceful environment.

There are historical facilities such as 「Daikakuji Temple」,

the former residence of the Emperor Saga, and 「Nomiya Shrine」 with its black wooden torii gate,

which is recommended for strolling♪

You can also take the Hankyu Line 『Arashiyama Station』,

the Keifuku Railway 『Arashiyama Station』,

and 『Arashiyama Station』 and 『Saga Station』 of the Randen Railway,

all within a 15-20 minute walk, making it very convenient.


This is an ideal share house where you can enjoy

both a quiet living environment and convenience!

Beyond the boundaries of gender, age, and nationality,

how about living while having a fun international exchange with your share mates^^.




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