A share house with a cafe in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto. Stylish, convenient, and international exchange life!【8NEST Hyakumanben】

Kyoto has a long history of Japanese tea culture,

and the culture of cafes where people can talk over a cup of tea

is deeply rooted in the city.

There are many cafes in Kyoto city, and while inheriting the culture,

they have successfully fused the new style of cafes,

such as long-established coffee shops with a retro atmosphere

and cafes where you can enjoy coffee in a modern and stylish atmosphere^^


The most popular of these cafes are those that offer an appealing,

Japanese-style atmosphere with a touch of Kyoto,

and are visited by many people from Japan and abroad as tourist spots.

Some of the best known are 『Tsujiri』 (in Shimogyo and Higashiyama wards),

where you can enjoy the taste of matcha, 『Iyemon Salon』 (in Higashiyama ward),

and 『Yojiya Cafe』 (in Ukyo and Higashiyama wards),

which is so popular that people line up to get there.

There are also many western-style confectionery cafes

such as 『Jouvencelle』 (Nakagyo, Higashiyama and Fushimi wards)

famous for its Gion fondue and 『Yukinoshita』(Nakagyo-ku) famous for its pancakes.


On the first floor of the same building in 8NEST Hyakumanben (Sakyo-ku)

is the Cafe Collection cafe collection, open year-round from 11:00 to 22:00,

where you can enjoy hearty meals and sweets at reasonable prices

(partly due to the fact that it's adjacent to Kyoto University)

in a traditional and relaxed atmosphere♪

Curry and rice, omelets and sandwiches are popular,

and there is a wide variety of drinks available.


The 2nd to 4th floors of the building are used as a share house,

with 9 rooms ranging from 4.4 to 14 mats in total (1 room is Dormitory type),

up to 10 people in total, clean and well-designed, equipped with furniture

and appliances. And the interior is charming!

Also, since various people from inside and outside of Japan use this room,

there are many merits such as cultural exchange and learning languages

with each other in the common area^^


The nearest station, Keihan Line『Demachiyanagi Station』, is a 12-minute walk away

(20 minutes to Kyoto Station), and there are supermarkets, convenience stores,

and drugstores nearby, making it a very comfortable place to live.


How about this for your new life in the future?

Please feel free to contact us!



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