How about a share house just a 15 minute walk to Nishiki Market, Kyoto’s kitchen and a fun place to eat!【8NEST Gojo-Tominokoji】


Nishiki Market, located in Nakagyo-ku, central Kyoto,

is a fascinating market with a history of over 400 years!

Kawaramachi Station (5 minutes walk), Gionshijo Station (10 minutes walk),

Karasuma Station (7 minutes walk), Shijo Station (10 minutes walk)

With its close proximity to the city's main shopping mall,

it is easy to access and attracts many visitors from Japan and abroad.


8NEST Gojo-Tominokoji I, II, and III are located next door to Kiyomizu Gojo (5 minute walk)

and Gojo Station (5 minute walk), and it's very convenient

to get to Kyoto Station in less than 20 minutes by foot or 1 station by train♪

Only 15 minutes on foot to Nishiki Market, which is recommended for food shopping and eating out!

There are three fully-furnished houses with almost identical floor plans, each with five private rooms,

Buildings I and III are women-only and Building II is open to men.

The common area includes a kitchen, table, TV, shower room, two washbasins, and a kitchenette.

Two toilets with bidet, washer and dryer!  WiFi is free and bicycle parking is available.





“Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine” 錦天満宮

When you go along the Shinkyogoku shopping street near Hankyu Kawaramachi Station,

you will see it. Start after clasping your hands together ^^.


“Tsunosho”  津乃称

This shop sells the popular gourmet "tako-tamago" (M200 yen), a bite-sized octopus head

with a quail egg in it.


“Hatanaka Shoten“ 畠中商店

Squid grilled in front of you for 100 yen per skewer


“Hokyu-an” 汸臼庵

This shop sells "stick tempura" (450 yen) at a store

that sells specially selected handmade kneaded products that are ground up on a millstone.


"Hiro” 弘

“Hiro's special minced pork cutlet" is a hearty butcher's cutlet, 160 yen each!


“Tanaka Keiran” 田中鶏卵

Dashi-rolled eggs sold by a chicken and egg store are made

with carefully selected kelp and bonito flakes (Dashi-rolled skewers are 120 yen)


“Konna-Monja”    こんなもんじゃ

Soy milk ice cream and doughnuts shop opened in 1991

under the direct management of Kyo-tofu Fujino.


“Inoue Tsukudani Shop” 井上佃煮店

Seasonal dishes using Kyoto vegetables and dumplings are the main dishes here,

and chocolate croquettes and hedgehog buns are the specialties.


"Sawawa” 茶和々
We recommend the green tea warabi mochi in a cup (300 yen)


“SNOOPY Teahouse” スヌーピー茶屋

Goods and take-out on the first floor and a cafe on the second floor,

offering Snoopy-themed drinks and food!


“Nishiki Kofuku-do” 錦 幸福堂

Steamed buns, warabi-mochi and shiomame mochi are sold,

and the fu buns are excellent! (173 yen)


Nishiki Market, a market filled with many delicacies

How about looking for your favorite shop while living in 8NEST Gojo-Tominokoji?^^



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