Gojo Omiya House, where women can live in peace.

This time we'd like to introduce you to Eight Nest Gojo Omiya, a share house that offers ease of living and peace of mind.



Gojo Omiya House is located not far from the intersection of Gojo and Omiya streets.

The nearest station is JR Tambaguchi Station, and it's within walking distance of Research Park, where many of the Pencha companies gather. Of course, it's also easy to get to Karasuma Oike and Shijo Kawaramachi, the heart of Kyoto, so it's a great location for those who work in the area, and it's easy to commute to work.




Also, Kyoto Station is only 2 stops away from the nearest station, Tambaguchi, so it's a convenient place to get to Osaka!

If you use the subway Gojo Station, you can access to the north and south of Kyoto, which is a great place for students.

There are supermarkets and convenience stores in the area, and those who often cook their own meals will have no trouble finding a place to live.

There are many public baths in the area, and Goka-yu is a must-see, with outstanding facilities in the town.


The building is made of steel and has excellent soundproofing, and in terms of security, the house is equipped with auto locks and security cameras, so even women can feel secure in this share house.

The house is equipped with an elevator, which is a rarity in a share house, so you can easily carry heavy luggage!


It's fully equipped with 6 toilets, a bathroom, 3 shawar rooms, and a washbasin for 7 people, so you'll have a comfortable life without the crowds!


Please come take a look!



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