Kodaiji, summer only! Would you like to take a special nighttime visit? Share House in Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto【8NEST Kodaiji】

During this time of year,

when it's extremely hot and going out during the day can be dangerous.

I recommend the special nighttime viewing of Kodaiji Temple.


Saturday, August 1 - Tuesday, August 18, 2020
-Opening Hours    17:00-22:00(last admission 21:30)
-location Kodaiji Temple


A special visit to the garden is held until August 18th,

the anniversary of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's death.

In addition to visiting the garden with its fantastic atmosphere,

this year's andon (Japanese lantern) will be lit in front of the temple grounds.

The "Hyakki Yakyo" 「百鬼夜行展」exhibition is also held until August 31.





Just a 3-4 minute walk from Koudaiji Temple,

8NEST has an international exchange style share house, 8NEST Kodaiji.

Located in the middle of the tourist area,

you can feel the history of the area in a very quiet area.

The house is fully furnished and has 5 western style rooms.

Fully equipped with kitchen, bath, two toilets, and common areas, as well as high speed internet!



At this time when overseas travel is restricted due to the spread of infectious diseases,

how about living in a share house where you can interact

with people from abroad and live a fulfilling life while in Japan?


Of course, we've taken the utmost care to prevent infections.

Please feel free to contact us for more information^^



For international exchange share house in Kyoto, come to 8NEST!
Would you like to share your life with your housemates from all over the world? It is also recommended for students who want to keep the initial cost low because it is furnished with appliances. Whether you want to study Japanese, live in a location with easy access to the city, or live in a quiet Kyoto location, this share house is the place for you. Be sure to check it out!

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