The Umekoji area in Kyoto has a lot of attractions! Share House in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto【8NEST GojoOmiya】

The new Umekoji Kyoto Nishi Station was created in March 2019.

Around the new station, there are many places to enjoy, including Umekoji Park,

Kyoto Aquarium, Kyoto Railway Museum, as well as gourmet food and historical explorations♪


They aim to create a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable community by cleaning up the area together

with local residents every month, publishing area guides, holding events,

and even lighting up the area!


■Umekoji Park 梅小路公園 http://www.kyoto-ga.jp/umekouji/

There are playground equipment, a plaza, and various facilities

(an aquarium and a railway museum),so people of all ages can enjoy this place.



ーKyoto Aquarium京都水族館 https://www.kyoto-aquarium.com/index.html

This is one of the largest inland aquariums in Japan.

It has 12 different areas of ecosystems that are connected from the headwaters of rivers to the sea,

and the many creatures that live there live in harmony.

Dolphin performances are popular!


ーKyoto Railway Museum   京都鉄道博物館 http://www.kyotorailwaymuseum.jp/

The largest railway museum in the region!

With a focus on the "Railway Work Experience" and a real SL exhibition,

everyone can enjoy learning through "seeing, touching and experiencing".


■Kyoto Food and Culture Museum: Ajiwai-kanあじわい館 https://www.kyo-ajiwaikan.com/

You can learn about Kyoto's food culture by "seeing, making and experiencing".

Various exhibitions, cooking classes and lectures are held here.




In the Umekoji area, 8NEST Gojo Omiya will open in May 2020.

It takes 13 minutes to walk from Umekoji Nishi Station,

and there is one line to Kyoto Station, Tambaguchi Station,

and Omiya Station on the Hankyu Line all within walking distance!

The building is steel-framed and has excellent soundproofing,

and on the security front, the house is equipped with automatic locks and security cameras,

so women can feel secure in this share house.

There are 13 private rooms, with a choice of western style or Japanese style rooms.

There are 6 toilets, 3 bathrooms, 3 shower rooms, and a washbasin for 7 people,

so you'll have a comfortable life without being crowded.




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