Kyoto Tourism Association teams up with JT to share how to spend the With Corona era! Safe and secure life^^【8NEST Kitashirakawa】

Society has changed significantly due to the impact of the new coronavirus,

and there is a need for a shift to a form that meets the needs of the wizened corona era,

which is based on the implementation of infectious disease measures

and the avoidance of the three densities.


In light of this situation, the Kyoto City Tourism Association,

in collaboration with Japan Tobacco Industry,

is launching a project to jointly explore new Kyoto's manners and etiquette

in response to the with-corona era tourism style!




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・Get the latest information on opening hours, number of people, reservation availability, etc.

・Make a plan to enjoy yourself while avoiding the "3-crowded" situation.

・Carry a mask, thermometer and disinfectant.

・It is convenient and safe to pay by cashless payment in Kyoto. Register in advance.

・Take care of your health and do not leave if you have symptoms of a cold.

・Install the new coronavirus infection contact app (COCOA).


~Life Edition~

・Understand and follow the rules and instructions set by each facility and shop.

・Take a temperature check every morning during your trip, and if you feel uncomfortable,

call the designated consultation office.

・Wear a mask. When you are done using it, wrap it up and throw it away.

・Hydrate your body and take care not only of heat stroke in summer,

but also dehydration in winter.

・When choosing a shop, check the stickers declaring anti-corona measures.

・Try to refrain from talking in public places.




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