Kyoto’s Autumn Sweets for 2020 Living in a share house in Kita-ku, Kyoto【8NEST Taishogun】

In this issue, we'll introduce you to some of Kyoto's best autumn sweets

that can be ordered or taken out.


■Patisserie Rakkansha パティスリー洛甘舎 http://rakkansha.jp/

4 minutes walk from Karasuma Oike Station on the Subway Karasuma Line


Based on the concept of "Japanese Spirit and Western Talent",

this patisserie offers seasonal cakes and baked goods made

with Japanese ingredients and sublimated with Western techniques.

※Take-out available (eat-in available at the store on weekends and holidays only)


■Kyoto Kitayama Malebranche 京都北山 マールブランシュ http://www.malebranche.co.jp/

2 minutes walk from Kitayama Station on the Subway Karasuma Line


Established in 1982. Our signature product, "Tea no Confectionery",

is made of onicha with the most exquisite color, taste, and aroma,

and is made into a delicately melt-in-your-mouth rangdoshas.

It is a masterpiece with original white chocolate sandwiched in

between to accentuate the deep flavour of onocha.

※You can take out or order it from them.


■koé donuts https://www.koe.com/koedonuts/

1 minute walk from Kawaramachi Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, Exit 9


The key words are "organic", "natural origin" and "local production for local consumption".

Ethical doughnuts made from materials that are both healthy

for the body and the environment.

This is a new style of doughnut factory where customers can watch the process of making doughnuts

as they are being made and enjoy a leisurely doughnut experience.

※Take-out is available.


■Kyotogion Anon 京都祇園 あのん https://www.a-n.kyoto.jp/

4 minutes walk from Gion Shijo Station (Keihan)


Based on the anko-making techniques that we have developed over the years,

we offer a new kind of confectionery that goes beyond the best of Japanese

and Western cuisine.

※Take-out is available and can be ordered.


■Nakamura-ken 御菓子司 中村軒 https://www.nakamuraken.co.jp/

12 minutes walk from Hankyu Katsura Station


This is a long-established confectionery shop in the south of Katsura Rikyu

that has been popular with the locals for over 130 years.

Based on the philosophy of "light and simple taste of the good old days,

" we offer a variety of Japanese sweets, including manju (Japanese buns).

※Take-out is available and can be ordered.




8NEST Taishogun is located in Kita-ku in Kyoto City.

The nearest stations are Kitano-Shirahume-cho Station (6 minutes walk)

and Marumachi Station (10 minutes walk) on the JR Sagano and Sanin lines,

and since it faces Nishioji Street, which runs through Kyoto City from north to south,

you have great access to the bus stops that take you around the city!

On the rooftop, there's a rooftop overlooking the city of Kyoto,

and you can enjoy a sense of freedom^^

The room has 5 private rooms, and there's a supermarket and convenience store

in walking distance.

The house is fully equipped with kitchen, shower, toilet, and sink.




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