Kyoto Special Autumn Exhibition, Konkai Komyoji Temple! Share House in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto【8NEST Ginkakuji】

◆The Miedo, the Great Hall, and the garden

It is associated with the Aizu clan and the Shinsengumi at the end of the Edo period.

The garden, which is open to the public, is a strolling garden

in which the karesansui garden "Shiun-no-niwa" (Purple Cloud Garden)

with white sand and cedar moss, and a pond with brightly colored leaves

and a pond are in perfect harmony.

Other highlights include a statue of Monju Bosatsu,

which is said to have been created by the famous Buddhist master Unkei,

a statue of Kibi Kannon (Important Cultural Property) associated

with the Japanese envoy to China, Kibi Mabi,

and a sliding door painting of a tiger with a mechanism.

There is also a special exhibit of temple treasures such as the "Roosters" by Jakuchu Itoh.


◆Mountain Gate

The interior of the San-mon Gate, which was built in the late Edo period,

is open to the public.

On the ceiling of the gate, "Dragon coiling on the earth" is painted,

and three statues of Shakyamuni Buddha and sixteen Arhats are enshrined.
From the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the city.


Advance reservations via the Internet have priority.

(If there is a space available at the reception desk on the day,

you may visit the museum.)

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〇Open to the public: Friday, November 13, 2020 - Sunday, December 6, 2020

〇Open to the public: 9:00 - 16:30 (registration ends at 16:00)

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the reception desk will be open every 15 minutes.

(Up to 35 people per time slot, advance reservations preferred).





8 NEST Ginkakuji


Located in front of the gate of the national treasure Ginkakuji Temple,

which has a garden and architecture representing the Higashiyama culture since the late Muromachi period.

You can take a walk every morning on the Philosophical Road.

The house is fully furnished and has 3 private rooms.

The house is fully equipped with a kitchen, bathrooms, toilets,

and other common areas, as well as high-speed internet!

◯1 minute walk from JR Sanin Honsen Line Kyoto Station, City Bus #17, 100 / Ginkakuji Road stop.




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