Kitayama Halloween 2020, this year it’s online ^^ Share house in Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City【8NEST Hyakumanben】

Kitayama Halloween is one of the largest Halloween events in Kyoto.

Every year, there are flea markets, food stalls and workshops

where you can make your own original jack-o-lanterns from real pumpkins.

At night, candles were lit in the carved works of art and lit up at the venue.

Of course, there were also costume parades, parties and costume contests.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus,

this year all the previous events will be cancelled and the fancy dress contests

and webcasts will be held online.


Starting September 20, follow the Kitayama Halloween account on either Twitter or Instagram

and post the hashtag #KitayamaHalloween2020 along with a picture of your costume.




The contestants who submitted their work will be judged by the Executive Committee.

It will be announced on Saturday, October 31 at around 5:00 pm on YOUTUBE Live.



We are selling Halloween merchandise for next year's event,

so if you can purchase it, it will help fund our operations.






Eight Nest Hyakumanben's share house (Sakyo-ku) is very popular

because it's close to Kyoto University, and there's a cafe on the first floor

of the same building that's open all year round :-)

There are 9 private rooms available on the 2nd to 4th floors of the building,

all fully furnished and equipped with furniture and appliances,

and a clean, well-designed interior!


Various people from inside and outside of Japan use this house,

so there are many advantages to cultural exchange and learning languages

with each other in the shared space!

The nearest station, Demachiyanagi Station,

is a 12-minute walk away (20 minutes to Kyoto Station),

and there are supermarkets, convenience stores, and drugstores nearby,

making it very easy to live here.



Please feel free to contact us♪



For international exchange share house in Kyoto, come to 8NEST!
Would you like to share your life with your housemates from all over the world? It is also recommended for students who want to keep the initial cost low because it is furnished with appliances. Whether you want to study Japanese, live in a location with easy access to the city, or live in a quiet Kyoto location, this share house is the place for you. Be sure to check it out!

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