Right near Kyoto University and Ginkakuji Temple! This is a women-only, small group share house for international exchange♪【8NEST Ginkakuji】

Kyoto University has been accepting nearly 3,000 international students from abroad these days,

and many students, including domestic students,

are living in the vicinity while commuting to school.


This year, due to the effects of the corona crisis,

it has been difficult for students to travel to and from overseas freely.

Many students are not able to return home temporarily

and are forced to live under difficult circumstances.


While it is important for students to save on rent and living expenses,

it is also difficult for them to find a place to live due to the limited availability of student dormitories.



This is where we recommend 8NEST International Share House!

We have about 10 share houses in Kyoto, and all of them are conveniently located,

safe, and convenient, so you can live at a reasonable price

while living with your foreign share mates.


This time we're going to introduce you to 8 NEST Ginkakuji,

a women's only share house very close to Kyoto University (5 minutes walk)

and Ginkakuji Temple (10 minutes walk)!

The hotel has a small group system, 3 women can spend time in a relaxed atmosphere

and a large and comfortable bath^^.


There is a city bus from Kyoto station and a 1 minute walk from the bus stop.

It's very convenient because there is a supermarket, convenience store,

post office, and bank in walking distance!

★Super Marugin  (3 minutes walking distance)
★Lawson  (3 minutes walk)
★Post office  (5 minutes walking distance)
★Kyoto Bank  (3 minutes walk)



There is only one room available now, so please check it out as soon as possible.

Please visit the website as well^^


For international exchange share house in Kyoto, come to 8NEST!

If you are looking for a global share house/guest house in Kyoto, you've come to the right place! By living with a foreigner, you can enjoy international exchange and learn English at the same time. Furnished, utilities included, Wi-fi included. No key money or brokerage fees, and no guarantor is required, so it is very popular.

Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, and other universities and vocational schools in Kyoto City.

There are also a number of newly built share houses and women-only share houses that have been fully renovated.


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