Easy access to universities in Kyoto City! Share house in a great location just 5 minutes from the nearest station^^【8NEST Gojo TominokojiⅠ・Ⅲ】

8NEST Gojo-Tomikoji I & III is an international share house located just 5 minutes away

from Kiyomizu Gojo and Gojo Station in Kyoto City.

Gojo Kawaramachi area Located in the north-south area

between the Kyoto Station area and the downtown Kawaramachi area.

You can feel the history of temples and cityscape,

but it is also very convenient to live in the area with many shops and restaurants!



There are two fully furnished houses consisting of five fully private rooms

with almost identical floor plans, and they are for women only.

Common areas include kitchen, table, TV, shower room, 2 washbasins, 2 toilets with bidet,

washing machine and dryer, free Wifi, and bicycle parking available.




~Introduction to Neighboring Universities~


One train ride to school! Very convenient♪



■From Gojo Station on the Karasuma Subway Line


・Kyoto Prefectual University 京都府立大学

- About 6 minutes walk from Kitayama Station


・Otani University Junior College 私立大谷大学短期大学部

-about 2 minutes walk from Kitaoji station


・Doshisha University Karasuma Campus 私立同志社大学烏丸キャンパス

-4 minutes walk from Kuramaguchi Station


・Doshisha University Shinmachi Campus 私立同志社大学新町キャンパス

-4 minutes walk from Imadegawa Station


・Kyoto Notre Dame Women's University 私立京都ノートルダム女子大学

- 4 minutes walk from Matsugasaki station


・Kyoto Institute of Technology 京都工芸繊維大学

- 6 minutes walk from Matsugasaki station


■From Keihan Shimizu Gojo Station


・Kyoto University of Art and Design 私立京都造形芸術大学

-Eizan train (Keihan-Demachiyanagi station transfer), 10 minutes walk from Chayama station


・Kyoto Institute of Information Technology 京都情報大学院大学

-Demachiyanagi Station, 8 minutes walk


It's convenient and affordable, and with restrictions on travel abroad,

how would you like to live in a share house where you can interact with your share mates from abroad?



For international exchange share house in Kyoto, come to 8NEST!

If you are looking for a global share house/guest house in Kyoto, you've come to the right place! By living with a foreigner, you can enjoy international exchange and learn English at the same time. Furnished, utilities included, Wi-fi included. No key money or brokerage fees, and no guarantor is required, so it is very popular.

Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, and other universities and vocational schools in Kyoto City.

There are also a number of newly built share houses and women-only share houses that have been fully renovated.


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