State of emergency declared for the third time.

The Japanese government has declared a state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto and Hyogo from April 25 to May 11.
In response to this, Kyoto Prefecture has asked restaurants and bars that serve alcohol and karaoke facilities to close their doors, and other establishments have been asked to stay open until 8:00. Other than that, Kyoto Prefecture has also requested that no one attend events and that people refrain from going out unnecessarily.

Under these circumstances, share house residents will inevitably be spending a lot of time at home, but how do they spend their time?

For example, if you're a student, you may be taking classes in your room or in the shared space using Zoom, or when it's meal time, you may be cooking in the kitchen and eating in the dining room. In this situation, things tend to get monotonous, but here are some tips on how to refresh yourself with other housemates and get through this situation.

Watching a movie or drama together

Watching movies and dramas together will definitely increase your sympathy and enjoyment!

We have been watching Netflix and Youtube together.



Just keep cooking.

When someone brings a dish to share, or when everyone gets together to cook, the most popular dish is

No.1 Takoyaki ♪ No.2 Temakizushi.



Play an instrument as a hobby.

You can also practice and show your performance to your housemates! This is perfect for those who want to practice playing in front of others!

Of course, you can also practice by yourself on the roof top!


Spend some time on the rooftop.

Eight Nest Share House has several share houses with large rooftops.

In this season of beautiful weather, you'll feel so relaxed here that you'll almost forget your corona.




What do you think? There are plenty of ways to have fun even under these circumstances!

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