Let’s use Eight Nest Share House as a rental office!

Hello, Eight Nest Share House is currently operating nine share houses in Kyoto City.

But actually, you can also use it as a rental office!

The best point 1 for rental office

One of the best points for a rental office is the high-speed wifi in the building, so you can connect to the internet anywhere in the building.


Private room design with workspace in mind

Each private room in the share house is equipped with a table and a bookshelf. Each room is large enough to accommodate a PC or display.

Even with a PC and display on the table, there is still plenty of space. Some of the tenants are freelancers, remote workers, and teleworkers.

Many of them work in their own rooms. Also, when you hold a meeting remotely, you'll have to speak up, but that's no problem in a private room.

You can concentrate on the meeting with peace of mind.


In addition, there are closets and shelves, so the private space has a lot of storage space.

The shared space basically has sofas where you can have a meal or just relax.

Eight Nest Shijo-Karasuma and Eight Nest Jingu-Marutamachi, which opened this year, are equipped with "coworking spaces" that specialize in work spaces.

Eight Nest Shijo-Karasuma coworking space

Most of the first floor space of the large building can be used as a "coworking space".

With 4 meeting tables and a work counter set up, it's perfect for getting some work done!


Eight Nest Jingu Marutamachi Coworking Space

This is also a coworking space with tables that can seat three groups, a space for playing Shogi (Japanese chess), a work counter, and above all, a large window facing the main street.

You can't see the inside from the outside.


This is an environment where you can concentrate on your studies as well as your work!


8NEST Shijo Karashma



8NEST Jingu Marutamachi





What is Co-Living?

The English word "co-living" means "living together". Many people may think of a share house when they hear the word "living together," but co-living and share houses differ in the way they live.

Co-living refers to a residence that combines the characteristics of both a "share house," where multiple people share a living space, and a "coworking space," where work space can be shared.

Co-living can be said to be a new way of living that is supported by the age of the Internet environment and new ways of working such as nomadic work and remote work.



For international exchange share house in Kyoto, come to 8NEST!

If you are looking for a global share house/guest house in Kyoto, you've come to the right place! By living with a foreigner, you can enjoy international exchange and learn English at the same time. Furnished, utilities included, Wi-fi included. No key money or brokerage fees, and no guarantor is required, so it is very popular.

Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, and other universities and vocational schools in Kyoto City.

There are also a number of newly built share houses and women-only share houses that have been fully renovated.


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