★★Let’s learn how to say “Hello!” in different countries★★


With the easing of immigration restrictions since June, We have so many foreign residents in 8NEST share house.

We have become a multinational house, not only for English-speaking countries, but also for Spanish-speaking countries, Chinese-speaking countries, French-speaking countries, and so on!

So today, I would like to show you how to say "Hello" in different countries!

When I lived in Canada, I made it a point to speak not only English but also one word of their language when speaking to my overseas friends in Kyoto.

Imagine, when I went abroad, I would be very happy if someone said to me in Japanese "Konnichiwa! "I would feel very happy if someone said to me in Japanese when I was abroad.

Before more foreigners come to Kyoto, let's learn greetings from different countries!

Japanese ☞ ☞ Hello!

English ☞ ☞ Hello!

Spanish ☞ ☞ Hola!

French ☞ Bonjour!

German ☞ Hello! or Guten Tag!

Chinese ☞ ☞ 你好! (Ni hao!) Chinese ☞ ☞ Ciao!

Italian ☞ Ciao!

Korean ☞ ☞ 안녕하세요

Indonesian ☞ Selamat siang!

Thai ☞ สวัสดี (Sawadee)

Chewa ☞ ☞ Moni (Moni)

Kyrgyz ☞ ☞ салам (Salam)

Turkish ☞ ☞ Merhaba!

Finnish ☞ Hyvää päivää!

These are all the languages of the residents currently living in 8NEST.

There are many difficult pronunciations, but do your best to learn them and use them when you meet them for the first time.

You can also see the nationalities of the residents of each house here! (For Jingu-Marutamachi House)


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