Kamo River, a chill spot in Kyoto

Hello! I'm MINA from 8NEST Sharehouse!

On my days off, I often go to the Kamogawa River in the center of Kyoto to have a drink with friends and read a book.

Kyoto people call this "Kamochiru (to chill in the Kamo River)" lol

The Kamo River is a very long river, but I always go to the area under the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge!

During the day, there are many couples, walkers and runners.

At night, there are more and more people from overseas around the Sanjo Ohashi Bridge, drinking, talking, sometimes dancing and singing in large groups (lol).

The other day, I bumped into a Mexican resident on the Kamo River and we had a drink together (lol).

Why don't you relax at Kamogawa River on your holiday?

Here are some properties close to the Kamo River!

★Kyoto Jingu-marutamachi House

★Kyoto Kawaramachi-Gojo A Kyoto Kawaramachi-Gojo B Kyoto Kawaramachi-Gojo C

★Kyoto Hyakumanben House

★Kyoto University East House

★Kyoto Kitashirakawa House

Residents often have a picnic at the Kamo River!

Now that the weather is getting cooler, let's play outside!

By the way, the picture was taken at my birthday party with an American resident!



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