★MINA’s Japanese lesson★

Hello! I'm MINA, an 8NEST Sharehouse staff member!

Starting today, from time to time, we want to share some Japanese phrases that are commonly used in Japan on our blog★!

Today I'm going to show you a couple of greetings you can use over the phone!


Have you ever heard of "もしもし(moshi moshi)"?

If you have ever learned Japanese, you might know "こんにちは(konnichiwa)" and "こんばんは(konban)".
"もしもし(Moshi moshi)" has the same meaning and means "Hi".

When you say “hello” on the phone, you say もしもし(moshi moshi)with a raised inflection to say “Hello?”


Here is the example.


 はい、もしもし。MINAです。Hi, it's Mina.

 もしもし~?聞こえてる~? Hello? Can you hear me?

 あ、ごめん。今聞こえるよ。Oops, sorry. I can hear you now.


もしもし(moshi moshi) is not often used in formal situations. Instead, we say "はい(Hai)"

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