A wide variety of share house concepts


The number of share houses in Japan is increasing, and their recognition is growing. As a result, various concepts have been established for share houses, and I'd like to introduce some of these co

Nature is near! Information about Eight Nest Saga Arashiyama


This time, I'd like to introduce you to Eight Nest Saga Arashiyama, located in the Saga Arashiyama area, a sightseeing spot in Kyoto. First of all, the location is a 7 minute walk from JR Saga Aras

A share house with a variety of people living in it.


Eight Nest Share House is home to a wide variety of people. You'll find people from East Asia, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Europe, South America, and North America, as well as engineers, creators, stu

Popular Kitashirakawa area, near Kyoto University and Kyoto University of Arts 8NEST Kitashirakawa


This time, I'd like to introduce you to "Eight Nest Kitashirakawa," located in the Kitashirakawa area, one of the most popular places to live in Kyoto. First of all, it's a 10 minute walk or 5 minu

New Corona Vaccine to Begin Vaccination in Japan


The vaccination has already started in some countries around the world, but it seems that the vaccination will finally start in Japan as well. Vaccination schedule is as follows Next week an

【OPEN Campaign】Share house with coworking space in Kyoto Shijo Karasuma


We are pleased to announce a campaign for a share house with coworking space currently under construction in Shijo-Karasuma, Kyoto (scheduled to open in March of this year). This share house has a

Kyoto Shijo-Karasuma Colliving, currently preparing to open.


8NEST Share House is planning to open a new share house with co-working space in Shijo-Karasuma, Kyoto in March 2021.   The building, which is currently under construction, will have 17

Online exchange meeting with Huber.


This time, we'd like to share information about an online social event. Eight Nest Share House will be holding an online exchange meeting with Huber, a company that guides and provides ex

Share House “Eight Nest Hyakumanben” a few seconds walk from Kyoto University


This time, I'd like to introduce you to Eight Nest Hyakumanben, located just a few seconds walk from Kyoto University. The house is a 4-story share house for 9 people. The house is located next to

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