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Hello! I'm MINAMI, a staff member at Eighteenth Sharehouse! Last week I went to Uji, in the south of Kyoto, and experienced Zen meditation for the first time at Koseiji Temple★! There are so man

International Party at Shijo-Karasuma House ★


We held an international exchange party at Shijo-Karasuma House! Students from Kyoto Koka Women's University Junior College planned and managed the event together with us! The students are takin

Kawaramachi-Gojo House, walking distance from Kiyomizu Temple.


I visited the famous Kiyomizu-dera temple in Kyoto the other day! The autumn leaves were so beautiful and refreshing! Every year at the end of the year, Kiyomizu-dera Temple announces the "Kanji

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It's almost the season for coats. It's a little colder here in Kyoto, but right now it's overflowing with tourists! -Availability schedule information- (Information is only for the latest availa

November 23 is Thanksgiving Day!


It is not a familiar custom in Japan, but in other countries, November 23 is Thanksgiving Day! It is a big event before Christmas, when people cook a turkey and eat it with their families, or if yo

Lovely daily conversation 


At 8NEST share house, we use LINE group chat to contact each house! At various houses, residents are talking to each other like this! How peaceful...!   Gathering together in the li

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The autumn leaves are at their best and the town is crowded with tourists. Have you been out for an outing somewhere? 8NEST staff recommends Kyoto Botanical Garden. This photo was taken last

It’s the season for beautiful autumn leaves!


Hello! It is now mid-November and the autumn leaves are turning beautiful in Kyoto. This year, we have more foreign tourists coming to Kyoto, so it looks like Arashiyama and other areas will be ver

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We had a small sandwich party and house meeting for our newest residents of ShijoKarasuma house! Everyone looked like they have warmed up to each other and enjoyed discussing what can we do for our

♪Takoyaki Party at Kita-Shirakawa House!


Hello!My name is Jenny!I’m the newest staff of 8NEST Sharehouse! There was a Takokayi party at our Kita-Shirakawa house! Every week there is a designated party organizer and he/she will pick the th

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