8NEST Winter Holiday Notice


Winter Holiday Notice We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued patronage. We would like to inform you that we will be closed for the winter holidays this year as foll

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Hello!!! It seems that everyone in each house had a party for Christmas😊😊😊 Our Kyoto University West House residents recently had such delicious hot pot dinner party! It's nice to see them creatin

Merry Christmas from 8NEST!❤


Merry Christmas everyone! I would like to share with you the 2022 8NEST Christmas party held at our Shijo-Karasuma house. Residents gathered from other houses such as Arashiyama House, Jingu-Mar

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Last Saturday, we had an early Christmas party at Shijo-Karasuma House! I'll post more about the party on my blog later! The hamburgers made by an American, Mr. Charles, were exceptional ♡! &

Kyoto City University of Arts moves near Kyoto Station!


in 2023, Kyoto City University of Arts. will move to near kyoto station!!!! From 2023, it will move to the Kyoto Station area, and there will be three new buildings! Kawaramachi-Gojo A House, Ka

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Weather in Kyoto is feeling a lot more like Christmas! It's nice to see sparkling lights all around Kyoto! Ofcourse, we are also very excited for our upcoming Christmas Party this weekend! It's exc

Christmas is coming soon…


Christmas is coming soon! 8NEST Share House will also have a Christmas party at Shijo-Karasuma House next week, although it will be a little early! This Christmas, we're having a hamburger party

NEW property Toji house near Kyoto station!


Toji House is located near Toji Temple, famous for its five-story pagoda. You often see people jogging in the mornings around To-ji! Right now To-ji Temple is having a light-up event until December

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Hello! It will be Christmas in a couple of weeks. How will you be spending your Christmas? We're planning to hold an early Christmas party next week at all the Eight Nest share houses! One

Farewell party :(


We held a farewell party for those who are moving out of Kyoto Jingu-marutamachi House! We made a potluck party with everyone, including those on the 2nd floor and 5th floor, at the co-working spac

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