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Today, I went to witness Francisco's move-out from Kawaramachi-Gojo B House! He gave our staff a handmade a cake from Chile! The staff was very happy to see the chili cake for the first time.

Scheduled Vacancies


A resident from Myanmar came to visit us in our office! She said, "Living in a share house makes me feel safe because I know that someone is at home with me😄" She told us that she really likes the h

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Today we had a house meeting at Enmachi House near ISI language school. It was like a scene out of Japan...! It looks like everyone is going to Fushimi Inari Taisha shrine for sightseeing!

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  We opened a food stall on 15.16 July when the Gion Festival was held! In the hot weather, we worked together with the residents to sell a rich international variety of food and drinks

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Today (7/15) and tomorrow (7/16), we will open a store at Shijo-Karasuma House with our residents! We will be selling a variety of international food and drinks, including the Filipino specialty, s

Scheduled Vacancies


The Gion Festival Yoiyama is finally approaching! The sounds of musical rehearsals can be heard in the city, adding to the summer atmosphere🎶 *Photographs are from last year.   🆙Vacan

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We are preparing for the Gion Festival on July 15.16! We will have a food stall in front of Shijo-Karasuma House, so please come and visit us all! 🆙Availability schedule for this week🆙 *Inform

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We had a birthday party for a resident at Shijo-Karasuma House 🎂🎶 It's a wonderful memory to have your housemates celebrate with you!   🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *This informatio

Scheduled Vacancies


8NEST staff has started Tiktok and Instagram! We are introducing some of our favorite things to do in Japan and our apartment. Please follow us♪ Tiktok→https://www.tiktok.com/@ricky_mina8japa

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