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We received some cute donuts 🍩 The sugar boost greatly increased the staff's motivation 👆🎶   🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *This information is only for the latest vacancy schedule.P

Scheduled Vacancies


The temperature is finally starting to feel like fall! Autumn in Japan is short, so we hope to enjoy many outings during this comfortable time 🎶   🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *This inf

Scheduled Vacancies


*Tomorrow is a holiday, so We'll update a day early this week. This year's "Ohigan" is from September 20 to 26. The "Ohigan" is in spring and fall, and many people visit the graves of their an

Scheduled Vacancies


Have you ever been up to the observation deck of Kyoto Tower? The staff went there for the first time the other day! There were free binoculars and we were very impressed to see Yasaka-no-to and

Scheduled Vacancies


Hello! Our staff recently had Russian food at Cafe Yozik in Kitayama 🍽️ Borscht, beet salad, black bread, perimeni, blinis, etc. were all very delicious! The samovar (Russian tea machine) and m

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The other day, I had shaved ice at "Kyo Kakigori Tsumiki"🍧 The store offers various kinds of shaved ice that changes with the seasons! I chose the melon and caramel shaved ice, which was very de

Scheduled Vacancies


  Hello! Last weekend, our staff went a little bit out of town to visit the Osaka Science Museum. There were many interesting exhibits related to science, and even people from overseas seemed to b

Scheduled Vacancies


Hello! I am Matsuura from 8NEST share house. I went sightseeing in Yokohama on holiday! I was happy eating delicious Chinese food. Which country's food do you like best? 🆙Vacancy Schedul

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They had a watermelon splitting contest at Shijo-Karasuma House! Everyone is enjoying the last of summer★ 🆙Availability schedule for this week🆙. *Information only includes the latest availa

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