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The other day, 8NEST staff girls' party was held at 🍽️ We had a lot of fun and chatted a lot at an Asian food restaurant🎶 All the dishes were very delicious, such as khao mangai, pad thai, fried

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It's autumn leaf colour season and Kyoto is attracting many tourists from all over the world. On Labour Thanksgiving Day, we also went hiking on Mount Hiei with everyone at the share house.

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It is the beautiful season of autumn leaves 🍁 The picture is of  "Yusai-tei" in Arashiyama. I went there at 8:00 a.m., but there were already a lot of people lined up 😄   🆙Vacancy

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Last week we did a year-end cleaning at Shijo-Karasuma House! The residents who moved in on that day also cleaned together and quickly became good friends★.   🆙Vacancy Schedule I

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Hello everyone! It's getting colder recently and it's time for heating! Our staff are warming up their stomachs by eating ramen noodles!   🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *This in

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Would you like to cook and enjoy conversation with your share house mates? At Eight Nest share house, you can interact with foreigners from many different countries! 🆙Vacancy Schedule Infor

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A residents of Arashiyama House came to our office! Halloween is over and it will soon be Christmas season! Everyone take care of your colds and have a great winter this year. 🆙Vacancy Sc

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November is here and new tenants are moving in. At the time of moving in, we provide move-in guidance in multiple languages. We reconfirm together with them the rules of the house, such as how

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  Last Saturday I dressed up with the residents and we enjoyed Halloween in Osaka! How did you spend Halloween this year? 🆙Vacancy Schedule Information🆙 *This information is only fo

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