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A French resident came to visit us at the 8NEST office! He was wearing nice socks, so we asked him where he bought them, and he said he bought them in France 🧦 Are there many fashionable people

Vacancy schedule information


こんにちは!メキシコ人の入居者さんがアメリカに帰国するために先日退居されました! 最後に一緒に居酒屋に行って楽しい時間を過ごしました★★   🆙Vacancy information for this week 🆙 -Hyakumanben House room203 (from the 24th of Feb) -Jingu Marutamachi H

Vacancy schedule information


On 1/20, we held a card game tournament at Jingu Marutamachi House. We played various kinds of games with everyone working together! 8NEST holds events every month, so please join us for

Vacancy schedule information


New Kyoto Okazaki Kita House has been added to 8NEST! Only a 10-minute walk to Kyoto University and a 20-minute walk (10 minutes by bus) to Kyoto University of Arts, you can easily get around.

Vacancy schedule information


This Saturday, a game & mochi arrangement event will be held at Jingu Marutamachi House🎶 If you would like to participate, please contact us using the QR code! Non-sharehouse residents are a

Vacancy schedule information


    Once you lie down on the yogibo ( the large pillow) at Shijo-Karasuma House, you won't be able to move for hours.... Everyone loves to play with this yogibo.   🆙V

Vacancy schedule information


We hope everyone had a good time over the three-day weekend. I went back to my parents' house and played with a puppy that my family had started keeping! It was so cute that it was hard to leave

Vacancy schedule information


  How did everyone spend their New Year's? Everyone at 8 Nest Share House went to Mt. Daimonji to watch the sunset! Even those who just moved in last week seem to be having a great t

Vacancy schedule information


    Happy New Year! We look forward to working with you again this year. This year, our staff will focus on events and will work hard to provide a variety of opportunities for e

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