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Tanabata Fu-ring Festival is being held at Heian Jingu Shrine. The cool sound is very beautiful, so please visit 🎶   🆙Availability information for this week 🆙 -ShijoKarasuma House r

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There are many wonderful souvenirs in Kyoto, and tea is one of them. "Ippodo Chaho"'s tea comes in stylish packaging and is highly recommended. The main store near Jingu-Marutamachi Station has

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There are more rainy days☔ The staff went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple on a rainy day the other day. It's usually very crowded, but thanks to the rain, it was a little empty (although it got crowded

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The rainy season is almost here☔ There are many temples and parks in Kyoto with beautiful hydrangeas. Our staff visited the hydrangea at Shinpukan yesterday😄   🆙Availability informat

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  Introducing the newly opened femail-only Kyoto University Mototanaka House near Kyoto Mototanaka Station! The house is a renovated old private house with a retro feel, and is conveniently located

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Want to experience authentic Kyoto ramen? Today's recommendation is Kairikiya, a ramen chain with hundreds of locations in Kyoto. Kairikiya's signature menu item is the back fat soy sauce ramen

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The other day, we went to an okonomiyaki restaurant where a housemate works part-time! It's fun and refreshing to see housemates working 😄 The okonomiyaki was so delicious 🍽🎶 🆙Availability in

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A language exchange event organized by Lacone, an international exchange group, will be held at Shijo-Karasuma House on the 16th of this month! If you are interested, please register for the ev

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8NEST staff, beloved by all, bid farewell to Minami this Wednesday, as she completed her final day at work. The entire company gathered to share a delightful d

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