Resident’s Interview ▏Yung san from Mexico★

Hello! This is Jenny from 8NEST Share house.

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Today, we want to share our interview with our resident at 8NEST JinguMarutamachi house, Yung san. We'll show you his experiences in living at 8NEST, his life in Kyoto, and what made him choose 8NEST as their home away from home.



- It was recommended to me by a friend of mine at 8NEST Arashiyama house. It was helpful that the response was quick and effecient. At first, I lived in  8NEST Taishogun house because it was close to my school ISI Language School.

I moved to 8NEST JinguMarutamachi because I attended a party at the house and liked the modern style and size of the common space area.


  • How is it like living with your house mates?

-It was great that housemates here always organized get together like going to the temples, dinner parties, even for the people didn't live here were invited and I was able to make more friends.


  • Has  your Japanese ability improved after staying at your house?

-Better than before because I was able to talk and communicate with my Japanese housemates and practice speaking Japanese. It also helped that housemates are also same age (university students) and they are very easy to talk to.


  • What do you like the most living in a share house/living with others?

-The people. Being in Japan, you don't feel as lonely as you should because we are like family here.


  • Was your application to move-in smooth and satisfactory?

-Yes. The response was very quick and the document's format are all easy to understand and clear.


  • Can you give us any advice for those who are planning to move to Japan from overseas?

-Please bring your own deodorant and toothpaste for your own good! ;D


8NEST JinguMarutamachi is located perfectly in a beautiful area close to Kyoto Imperial Palace and Kamo river. Perfect for those who love going for walks, enjoying nature and Kyoto scenery!

Kyoto University is also just nearby! Only 8-minutes on foot and recommended for those who are planning to enroll at Kyoto University.

Also, not to forget it's accessibility to train stations like Keihan JinguMarutamachi station and Keihan Demachinayagi so you can go out of town shopping in Osaka too!

We are proud and happy about the harmony and connection this house has created and we want to continue prospering a warm home away from home!


Join us and enjoy Kyoto's abudant opportunity to explore, communicate, enjoy while staying at the comfort of 8NEST Share house!


If you want to enjoy international exchange close to 8NEST JinguMarutamachi.

Contact us here! ↓↓↓


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