Percentage of foreign and Japanese residents in share houses (as of June 2020)


At present, EIGHTNEST ShareHouse manages 10 houses in Kyoto, and many of them are located in Kyoto. As you know, the spread of the corona epidemic has led to restrictions on entry into Japan.

As you may know, entry into Japan has been restricted due to the spread of the corona epidemic. The number of people in the city of Kyoto, which used to be crowded with foreign tourists, has decreased significantly.

Kyoto's tourist sites, which used to be crowded with foreign tourists in previous years, have become unimaginably less crowded than usual. It's been a lonely day.

We have been forced to cancel our annual event at Eight Nest Share House. A new international student goes back home, or the study abroad program itself is lost. It's been a frustrating day for me.

In the previous year, 70% of the nationalities in the Shehouse were from abroad and the remaining 30% were It used to be Japanese, but the ratio has changed, with about 50% of the people from overseas and the remaining 50% from Japan. This is a very positive change. In this situation, we unexpectedly had more opportunities to live in Japan, and this change was very positive. We see it as a good thing.

Nevertheless, the number of foreign students accepted by the government's policy, and the number of foreigners working in Japan, has been increasing as the corona vortex has passed If you want to live in an environment where you can have more international exchange We are confident that we will be able to get through this corona vortex as a recharging period until that time.

We would like to ride out this corona vortex as a recharging period until that time.

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