Self-catering in a share house, with dishes from many different countries on the table.

At 8Nest Share House, residents from all over the world are living here, and many of them prepare their own meals, so there's always someone in the kitchen when it's time to eat.

And since many of them prepare their own meals, there's always someone in the kitchen when it's time to eat.

Today I'd like to take a peek at the table and tell you what kind of food is on display.



In the morning, the residents are preparing breakfast in the kitchen.

Sometimes they even share what they've cooked too much of.



This is a home-cooked Taiwanese meal prepared by a Taiwanese native.

They pack the food into tupperware, and when they're eating, they take it from here to serve it.



Residents from Korea are also enjoying a lot of kimchi dishes.

It is made. This dish was very delicious with a perfect combination of spiciness and flavor.



The person from Italy is not too salty, and the pasta is not too salty, so I don't know how Japanese people feel when they eat it.

You can see if you take a lot of salt in your regular meals.



Another dish from Italy, a pizza with lots of tomatoes, is also on the table.

The sweetness of the tomatoes is impressive and refreshing.



It is also served with a chocolate dessert.



The sushi, which he says he wanted to make at least once when he came to Japan!

We were going to make hand-rolled sushi at this time, but everyone made sushi just by watching and imitating.



Of course it was delicious!



Serving each other's food and enjoying it - isn't this part of international exchange?


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