Enjoy Kyoto’s summer flavor “hamo” take-out♪ Share house in Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 【8NEST Gojo Omiya】

Due to the effects of the new type of coronavirus,

the amount of hamo caught in Kyoto's summer season has been decreasing.

The Gion Festival, also known as the "Hamo Festival,"

has been partially canceled this year.

It is said that hamo become better after drinking the rainy season,

and hamo starts to become fatty when the rainy season ends in July.

In the olden days, when there was no transportation,

peddlers from Akashi Port in Hyogo Prefecture and Awaji Island would fill their baskets

with seawater and bring in the fish alive.

This is how the fish of Kyoto were provided for.


 ■fresh fish retailer鮮魚店「Yamasada shop  山定商店」

We're selling "Hamokatsu Sandwiches" and "Hamokatsu" for a limited time only!

Please enjoy the light white meat and the crispiness of the cutlet ^^.





At Eight Nest, we manage an international exchange style share house in Kyoto.

How about a reasonably priced, fun shared life

while sharing the tastes (gourmet), history, and culture of Japan?



8NEST Gojo-Omiya is a very beautiful international share house

opened in May 2020.

The house is located in a great location with good access

to "Tambaguchi Station" (one line to Kyoto Station),

the new "Umekoji Nishi Station", and Omiya Station on the Hankyu Line

all within walking distance!

There is a bicycle parking lot on the premises,

so it's convenient for commuting to work or school.

The 3rd floor is a women-only floor, so women can feel at ease.

You can go to Karasuma and Osaka area.

There are 6 toilets, 3 bathrooms, 3 shower rooms, and 7 washbasins,

so you can live a comfortable life without being crowded.

Each room is furnished with all the necessary furniture, appliances, and fixtures,

so you can start your new life with just one suitcase!



For international exchange share house in Kyoto, come to 8NEST!
Would you like to share your life with your housemates from all over the world? It is also recommended for students who want to keep the initial cost low because it is furnished with appliances. Whether you want to study Japanese, live in a location with easy access to the city, or live in a quiet Kyoto location, this share house is the place for you. Be sure to check it out!

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