Selected restaurants in the Sakyo-ku share house neighborhood 

There are 3 Eight Nest share houses in Sakyo-ku.

We'd like to introduce some restaurants in the area.

It's a Mihashiya that serves Takoyaki (octopus dumplings), which is the soul food of the Kansai people.



The main feature of this restaurant is its rich repertoire of takoyaki.

Wasabi, kimchi, and white miso are not common ingredients in takoyaki, but they are all excellent.

I highly recommend the combination of wasabi takoyaki and beer!



We also make our takoyaki so healthy that we get a lot of phone calls for take-out orders.

We get a lot of family customers as well.

The restaurant closes when all the takoyaki are sold out, so it's best to get there early!

This time of year the restaurant is an open terrace! They have seats out, and we recommend having a beer and a takoyaki while enjoying the breeze outside.



Eight Nest Kitashirakawa House is about a five-minute walk away from the Takoyaki Mihashiya, where you'll find

This is a place that even share house residents frequent on the weekends.

If you're in the mood for takoyaki, I highly recommend this place!




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