Share house with a stylish cafe for international exchange! Kyoto City Demachiyanagi Station【8NEST Hyakumanben】

If you've never lived in a share house, there are many people

who may think that while the rooms look very stylish when seen on TV shows,

the actual share house may not be so stylish.


Surrounded by stylish furniture that you wouldn't be able to live alone,

you'll have a comfortable life in a share house.


Also, the share house sites have plenty of pictures on them,

so you'll feel like you're touring the area!

You are sure to find a room to your liking.




In this issue, we'll be introducing 8NEST Hyakumanben,

a recommended share house in Kyoto City run by Eight Nest!


It takes 4 minutes by bus from Demachiyanagi Station and 1 minute on foot,

near the Hyakumanben intersection, and right next to the Kyodai campus.

There are many convenience stores and restaurants in the area.


There are 2 shower rooms, 2 toilets, a refrigerator and laundry in each room,

and all the necessary items such as tableware are provided,

so you can live in Kyoto without having to worry about major amenities.


On the first floor of the share house, there is a retro-style "Cafe Collection"

which is open from lunch to evening café, where you can enjoy set meals. (11-10pm daily)



Some large rooms are in the 50,000 yen range,

while others are in the 40,000 yen range for a very reasonable price.



This house is fully booked due to the popularity of this house,

but 8NEST has other share houses in Kyoto, so please check out the website ^^!

Consultations and previews are available at any time.



↓ Find out more about 8NEST Hyakumanben here!




For international exchange share house in Kyoto, come to 8NEST!

If you are looking for a global share house/guest house in Kyoto, you've come to the right place! By living with a foreigner, you can enjoy international exchange and learn English at the same time. Furnished, utilities included, Wi-fi included. No key money or brokerage fees, and no guarantor is required, so it is very popular.

Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, and other universities and vocational schools in Kyoto City.

There are also a number of newly built share houses and women-only share houses that have been fully renovated.


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