Cell phone companies to launch new plans for spring

There are many things that people from overseas need to prepare for when they come to Japan: housing, possibly a bank account, and communication infrastructure. The cell phone companies have launched new plans for spring. What kind of communication carriers do people from overseas use??



Compared to other countries where SIM free is the norm, many people feel that Japan has a unique communication carrier plan.

The following are the 20GB limit plans that each company will launch this spring


The basic monthly fee for "ahamo" is 2,980 yen (excluding tax), which includes 20GB of data, unlimited voice calls up to 5 minutes per call, and international roaming in 82 countries and regions.


SoftBank on LINE" (tentative name) will be introduced as a new rate service for 4G/5G high-capacity plans, and "Merihari Unlimited (6,580 yen/month)" with unlimited data capacity will be announced.


KDDI announced "povo," a 20GB plan priced at 2,480 yen per month, which uses a topping system that allows customers to add features they need, such as a flat-rate data rate for 24 hours and a flat-rate call rate for one month.

Cited by Keitai Watch


Contracts with Japan's major mobile carriers are usually for two years. If you cancel the contract before the contract expires, you will be charged a cancellation fee. For foreigners who come to Japan for a working holiday or short-term study abroad, there is no way to cancel their contract with a major Japanese mobile carrier except to pay a cancellation fee when they return home. On the other hand, cheap SIM cards have a relatively short minimum usage period and are not tied to a contract for two years, so the biggest appeal is that you can sign a contract without paying high termination fees.




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IIJ's SIM cards are especially popular, with plans available for data only or with voice calls.

As long as you have internet access, you can use apps like LINE, Wechat, What's up, etc. to make calls.

If you are a Japanese person who can make calls using apps, this is the plan for you.

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