Torch Relay in Kyoto City

On May 26, the Olympic torch will finally arrive in Kyoto City.

The torch will start from Nijo Castle, go to Oike Street, Kyoto City Hall, Nijo Street, Okazaki Park, and end at Heian Shrine.

It takes about an hour for the runners to complete the course.

It will take about one hour for the runners to run through the center of Kyoto.

The area where Nijo Castle is located, the starting point of the race, is a convenient place to live as you can easily get to the city. The closest Eight Nest share house to Nijo Castle is "Daishogun House".

The nearest station is JR Marumachi. The nearest station is JR Marumachi, which is next to JR Nijo Station in the Nijo Castle area, which shows that Daishogun House is close to this area and has good access.



Daishogun House is also close to Ritsumeikan University, and many Ritsumeikan students live here.

It's only 10 minutes away by bicycle.


The house has an at-home atmosphere, and everyone enjoys interacting with each other through regular dinner parties.

The most distinctive feature of this house is its five-story rooftop.

The large rooftop is furnished with sofas and a clothesline, and in the summer you can watch the Gozan Okuribi (Bonfires) right from here. Every year, residents from other share houses also gather here to watch the fire.


Close to the Nijo Castle area, Eight Nest Daishogun, furnished and ready for you to move in.

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Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, and other universities and vocational schools in Kyoto City.

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