Spring is here… the start of a new life

It's April, and the new year has finally begun at the share house.

This spring, a variety of people have moved in, including those who have entered universities or schools, and those who have changed jobs and are starting their lives in Kyoto.

Of course, there are also house mates who have been living in the share house for some time, so spring is the time when those who have been living in the share house before welcome the newcomers.

Each house holds a welcome party for new residents, and since it's cherry blossom season, everyone goes out to places famous for cherry blossoms in Kyoto.

As it was the cherry blossom season, everyone enjoyed the start of their new life in Kyoto.




At the Kitashirakawa share house, everyone gathered in the living room for a welcome party, serving each other food that they had prepared. More than half of the residents are new to the share house, but everyone has already settled in well.

A few of them moved in in March, before school started, and enjoyed the springtime in Kyoto by visiting famous cherry blossom spots with their house mates.

This photo shows the cherry blossoms at Heian Shrine.

Being able to share memories is a great feature of a share house, and there are many people who come to share houses for this reason.

Many people come to a share house for this reason. There are many things that await you in your new life, but coming back to this share house will give you a sense of relief, and you'll be ready to work hard again tomorrow. Isn't that one of the great advantages of a share house?

We hope that you'll be able to create a variety of memories not only within the share house, but also in Kyoto as the seasons change.



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