Jingu-Marutamachi Share House 5F Penthouse (Female Only)

This time, I'd like to introduce you to the 5th floor space of the Jingu-Marutamachi Share House, a women's only share house scheduled to open in early June.

First of all, the share house is located in the "Aragamiguchi" area, with the Imperial Palace to the west and the Kamo River to the east.

The nearest station is Keihan Jingu-Marutamachi, giving you easy access to Doshisha University and Kyoto University, as well as the business districts of Kyoto City Hall and Karasuma Koike, making this a great share house for both students and professionals.



We're currently renovating the first, second, and fifth floors of a five-story building as a share house.

Among them, the 5th floor is a penthouse built on the rooftop, with 5 rooms and 5 people able to move in.




When you open the door to the fifth floor, there is an entrance door that leads to the penthouse area on the fifth floor.

There is also a deck with artificial grass, which is a free space where you can relax and read a book on a sunny day.



When you open the front door, you'll see a door leading to the kitchen and dining area. To the left is a door leading to the washroom, toilet, and bathroom.



The kitchen/dining area will have one system kitchen with induction stove and sink, and a kitchen counter.



In the washroom, there's a shelf for 5 people to keep their belongings, and behind that is the changing room and bath. The bath has a bathtub, so you're sure to get tired after a long day!


There are five private rooms, each surrounded by a kitchen and dining room.

Here is the floor plan of the 5th floor.



Every room in Madokura has a great view.

And from the rooms on the east side, you can see the "Great Character of Mount Daimonji!



And the best feature of this house is the large living room on the first floor, complete with a coworking space, which of course can be used by the residents of the 5th floor.




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