jingu-marutamachi share house

Eight Nest Jingu-Marutamachi House just opened in June, and now we'd like to take a look at some of the details.

First of all, the share house is located at the Aragamiguchi intersection, just a short distance from the Kyoto Legal Affairs Bureau.

The closest station is Keihan Jingu-Marutamachi Station, which is about a 7 minute walk from the house.

The Kyoto Imperial Palace is on the west side of the house, the Kamo River is on the east side, and Kyoto University is just across the river.

Kyoto University is just across the Kamo River, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine to the north, and Doshisha University to the north of the Imperial Palace, all within 10 minutes by bicycle.

The first, second, and fifth floors of the five-story building are used as a share house.

On the first floor, there is a spacious work space, living room, dining area, kitchen, two showers, and a toilet. On the first floor, there is a spacious work space, living room, dining room, kitchen, two showers, and restroom. 3 tables are set up in the work space for meetings.

University students can use it to study for exams, while working people can use it for remote work and meetings.

The kitchen is spacious and has shelves for storing food.



There is a meeting table, a small area by the large window on the street side, and a work counter for a single person to work.



A large message board has been set up for exchanging information within the share house.

There's also a well-stocked food shelf for each person.


The kitchen is fully stocked with supplies, so no worries there!

The second floor is equipped with 10 private rooms. There are 10 private rooms on the second floor, which are mixed gender spaces with two toilets and one shower.

The rooms feature high ceilings and are very open!








Lastly, we have the 5th floor, a penthouse type share house with 5 rooms.

The penthouse on the 5th floor is for women only, and from the window with a great view, you can see the capital city.

It's a compact yet comfortable space.






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Kyoto University, Ritsumeikan University, Doshisha University, and other universities and vocational schools in Kyoto City.

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